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  • Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee

Blog 1 - Off to Paris, to finally learn French.

Updated: May 4, 2023

Big thank you to Charley who will post for me as he says that he would rather do that for the rest of his life than try and teach me how to post myself which he says would be like trying to teach a fish how to play the harp.

I asked myself what do I know about Berlin without cheating on google.

I know

Jamie is playing water polo there

I can say ich bin ein Berliner after studying German for one year at school but as I’m not a Berliner this is of no use .

My ex-boyfriend in Melbourne was born in Berlin in a refugee camp after the war. His parents were stolen from Ukraine and Belarus when they were 16 and shipped to Berlin to make munitions. They then made Leo and ended up in Geelong and I ended up with Leo but like all my post marriage relationships it has been an abject failure though I try and resurrect it when all hope is lost. .

Our neighbour in the Sounds busks in Berlin so there is a remote chance I might pass him in the street.

It has taken me many anxious weeks to prepare for this 6 week migration which the godwit does every year without stopping and without a plane.

My packing has been as precise as a non-precise person can pack as Leo says it will determine the success of my trip. I have been surprised how many of my clothes need washing before I pack them. Unlike the random packing of my youth I have to make sure I have the right pills to keep me alive for 6 weeks. I have been facially waxed at the very last moment .

I am quite anxious as not only do I have a fear of lifts ,rustling noises behind me in cinemas but I am deeply afraid of getting lost and as I am travelling all alone if I get lost there will be no one to find me. Charley has scanned the QR code for my Berlin to Paris ticket so I can call him if I lose it and mum has given me a hard copy of a guide to Paris which she says I must return but we both know I won’t.

Charley says I am the most chaotic 'special' person he knows which gives me that final burst of confidence I need to embark on this adventure.

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Rebecca Macky
Rebecca Macky
May 05, 2023

Are you still in berlin? Email Peter (Macky) and see if he has any plans for the day!


May 04, 2023

Oh Ash. I am hooked already. Please keep these blogs coming. They are absolutely wonderful and I hope eventually will be turned into a book. Nix xxx


May 04, 2023

Bon voyage dear friend... don't forget where home is. Safe travels Joxo🌝


May 01, 2023

Dont get lost Asele. Take lots of photos of landmarks and a photo of your hotel. Dont trust the shops😅xx


Apr 29, 2023

I think it's fabulous you are going it alone. Are you just going to Paris? I will be in Italy August/ September for a wedding in Sienna 3rd September. I presume you will be back in NZ by then. ? Make sure you have a good compass App on your phone. I seem to have a terrible sense of direction overseas I don't like getting lost on my own. Bon Voyage my friend and I will look forward to Charlie's blogs

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